Khris Hunter


Khris is the last living member of the Old Ma Barker Gang. In the early fifties he decided to hide out in the New Mexico desert, where he still resides today. Saving money he made by selling piñon nuts and homemade jerky of various animals, he eventually founded the notorious "Smoke Syndicate" which has since spread from a front porch jug band to a major entertainment network, including music, films, and an upcoming novel entitled "Secrets of a Jerky Master - an insider's guide to the entertainment industry."
For SB-Films he is Makeup Guy and Silent Actor.
For Smoke he is lead talker and geetar plucker.
For Ever he is Khris.


After the End, act I - head makeup effects, "Tall"
Before the End: The Making of 1/3 of a Movie - Himself


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