Elisa Martin


Elisa Martin has participated as an actor in many SB-Films endeavors, mostly because she shows up. But sometimes it's because she's the right person for the role. Elisa's biggest role to date is "Butch", the lesbian kicker of zombie ass in After the End. Elisa likes to work behind the scenes because it requires less makeup and she can wear sweatpants. As a writer, Elisa shares the blame credit for such comedy classics as Spanking the Monkey (with apologies to David O. Russell), knuckleheads., and Time has Come. Elisa also directed the behind-the-scenes documentary, Before the End: the Making of 1/3 of a Movie which chronicled the unfortunate breakdown of SB-Films first feature effort, After the End. She also dabbles in photography and has been the set photographer on occasions when she is not in front of the camera.

Elisa lives in Albuquerque, NM, for now. Some day, maybe, she'll live somewhere more exciting, like...Canada.


knuckleheads. - co-writer, "XXXX"
Time has Come - co-writer, co-director, various roles
Spanking the Monkey - writer, "Katie"
After the End, act I - "Butch"
Before the End: The Making of 1/3 of a Movie - director, Herself
Defective Man! - "Mrs. Kreutzman", "Motivational Crowd Member", "Puritanical Pride Protestor"