Arthur Black

aka Arthur J Stewart aka Uncle Fester aka Wurm


Born 25 September, 1973, in Manhattan to father James Stewart - not the famous actor, however he did come from a long line James Stewart's. Instead of being the forth James he was given the name Arthur. Arthur grew up with a talent for art though it was rarely encouraged and by the time he got into college he wasted it on trying to find something practical. He eventually settled on what he really wanted to do which is everything art related and majored in Media Arts. After graduation he took on small 3D animation projects and making videos for bands as well as his own musical project "Wurm".

Wurm is an electronic, ambient, soundtrack and IDM project which started out in the mid '90s under various other names. In 2005 Arthur met up with Ryan Mowry who he provided soundtrack material for and later assisted in casting and camera work. Arthur played two zombies for Ryan's film After the End and later worked with Ryan on a project called Rotten Zombie Records which eventually ran out of funds. Arthur's latest project is Assistant Director in the film Defective Man!.


Helen Fluke-Stewart (17 October, 2008 - present)


After the End, act I - camera operator, "Blinded Zombie", "Rotten Zombie"
Defective Man! - assistant director, animation director