Defective Man! (in post-production)

written by Steve Eckles and D. Ryan Mowry
directed by D. Ryan Mowry
   and assistant director Arthur Black
produced by Steve Eckles
starring Paul Alsing, Arturo Negro, Steve Eckles, Josh Saavedra, Haylee Nelson, and Trent Haaga
also featuring Adam Jarmon Brown, Billy Garberina, Lloyd Kaufman, Elske McCain, and Kurly Tlapoyawa
feature-length (running time approximately 1:33)
featuring music by Brian Botkiller, James Chavez, Steve Eckles, Mark 'M.E.' Edwards, Gunrunner, Illustrated Man, Aaron Michael Martinez, The Mike Project, The Rebelz, Rebilt, RiverRat Jenkins, SCG, Styxxoplix, Vertigo Venus, WURM

Defective Man! is a campy not-so-super-hero story about two ordinary office workers who develop super attitudes after a chemical accident in the supply closet at work. Defective Man (Paul) and Horn Dog (Arturo), along with Captain Orange-Piss (Steve) and Bill Gill (Josh), become the greatest freelance, low-impact law enforcers Albuquerque has ever seen! It will take all of their skills to thwart the ridiculously complicated and over-thought evil scheme of the dastardly Hevvy Flo (Haylee) and her right-hand-man, Ronny (Trent).

Defective Man!: The You Can't Illegally Download it on Torrent Sites Yet Cut premiered at the 2009 TromaDance New Mexico film festival on November 21st, 2009. The final cut of the film premiered at Albuquerque's historic Guild Cinema on May 28th and 29th, 2010. The "Duke City Limited Edition" DVD is now available for purchase, as well as the limited edition T-Shirt created by Gamma Unlimited. Both are available on the merchandise page here.

Distribution rights both domestically and internationally are still available for Defective Man!; any interested parties should contact For more information on Defective Man!, check out the Defective Man! Press Kit.